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Geriatric rehabilitation focuses on health care of elderly people. With increased age, patients often face many physical and emotional changes that can affect the level of function and well-being. Rehabilitation of geriatric patients is imperative for the patients’ well-being and for society so that we can thrive socially and economically We aim to promote health by preventing and treating diseases and disabilities in older adults and to maintain functional independence.

Coordination, Balance Disorders

Balance & Endurance Training, Postural Control Exercises, Gait Training

Cognitive, Visual /Auditory Problems

Strength & Flexibility Training

Musculoskeletal pain, Neuralgic pain

Relaxation Exercises

Dementia, Alzheimer

ADL & Functional Training


Safety Education, Fall Prevention

Mobility impairments, Recurrent falls, Participation restrictions

Pilates, Yoga, Meditation, Exercises for Incontinence

ADL dependence, Activity limitations

Respiratory & Cardio Exercises

Cardiovascular compromise, COPD

Aids/Appliances/Assistive/Adaptive Devices

Post hip, knee surgery, Post fracture physiotherapy

Pain Management – UST, TENS, IFT, SWD, Cryotherapy
Health Education