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Prof Praphulla kumar Maiti, Age - 79 Yrs.

Parkinsons Disease

I was diagnosed to have Parkinson’s disease in 2017. I couldn’t walk properly and my balance was poor. Movements were slow. My body started to stoop towards one side. My handwriting was worsening. I received physiotherapy from the team of ADVANCED REHABILITATION SERVICES. I am much better now. I can walk with good balance. My handwriting has improved a lot. Thanks to highly skilled Physiotherapist of ADVANCED REHABILITATION SERVICES.

Sulekha Bannerjee, Age - 76 yrs.

TB Spine/partial paralysis of Legs,

I am back on my feet because of dedication, commitment and planning of team of physiotherapists of ADVANCED REHABILITATION SERVICES.I will be ever thankful to them.

Brij Mohan Agarwal, Age - 71 yrs.

Traumatic brain injury.

Just awesome. My father is walking after 4 months of coma.

Juthika Saha, Age - 66 yrs.

Stroke survivor.

I had sudden onset complete paralysis of Right arm, hand and legs and I lost my speech. I came to know that I’ve got a stroke. I received Physiotherapy and Speech and Swallow Therapy from the team of ADVANCED REHABILITATION SERVICES. I have regained back the power of arm, hand and legs. I can do all the activities with my right hand and walk independently and speak properly and fluently. Thanks to a highly professional team of ADVANCED REHABILITATION SERVICES.

Sourav Barui, Age - 20 yrs.

Cricket Player, ACL reconstruction.

Superb physios.. started walking on the road in 3 wks of Right knee ligament injury” ACL reconstruction”…back to sports after 3 months…kudos to Team ADVANCED REHAB.

Tarit Kumar Basu, Age - 72 yrs.

RightTotal knee Replacement.

I had Total knee replacement 2 months back. Physiotherapist from Advanced Rehabilitation Services helped me in quick recovery. Their team has a personal touch and are highly competent. I can now walk pain-free, go to market, movies and can drive. Thanks to ADVANCED REHABILITATION SERVICES..

Sanjay Chatterjee, Age - 60 yrs.


Recovered from stroke much faster than excepted. My left arm and legs have good strength now. Doing 45 mins of brisk morning walk. Traveling and participating in my business as usual. Fantastic team of physios. ADVANCED REHABILITATION SERVICES, Thank you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you preserve, enhance your goals, restore your function and quality of life and to keep you active for life. Our highly specialized team of therapists is committed to individualized care and continual professional growth, allowing us to utilize the most advanced and effective treatments to assist our patients on their journey to wellness.